Part II

Think For yourself

One of the worst things in the world is a person with a big mouth and a small brain. The unfortunate truth is that those with arrogance will always be considered to be more attractive and more right because they spew their bullshit with confidence. For those who are unsure, someone who says something with an unwavering conviction is very appealing; It gives the illusion that they somehow have the answers to our problems. How many people have stepped up to the podium and spewed their arrogance and insanity so charismatically that it seduces the unsure, desperate, marginalized, and worst of all… the fanatical? I don’t know about you, but to me, someone who is too sure of themselves or claims to have all of the answers or solutions is highly suspect and quite possibly dangerous. 

If we easily buy into someone’s bullshit it is because they are selling something we desire or they tap into our fears. All marketing campaigns, politicians, con artists, scammers, and cult leaders depend upon and rely on a certain percentage of people who let someone else do the thinking for them. Gullibility, vulnerability, naivety, desperation, FEAR, and indifference make the predators salivate. The lion never goes after the strong in the herd, but instead goes after the ones that exude weakness and fear. 

Thinking for ourselves is one of the most important things that we as human beings can do. Many times the people who claim to have the answers do not have our best interest at heart. Do not have the same views, beliefs, and opinions as your authority figures just because they are your authority figures. Don’t be instantly persuaded by the media. Think for yourself and make your own decisions. I am in no way saying that every authority figure is wrong, I am simply saying choose for yourself. Look at the issues from all angles, gather the best information possible, and formulate an opinion.

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