Look At Yourself

Think For Yourself

The way we view others and the world is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Complaining accomplishes nothing; if you don’t like something about your life or the world then do something to change it. The condition of the world is not everyone else’s responsibility and the condition of ourselves is our responsibility alone. 

Eye and mind

A three-part concept to promote continuous growth, and push the limits of thought, hopefully making ourselves and the world better in the process. 

“It takes an eye to see the world and a mind to change it.”

Part I

Look At Yourself

Part II

Think For Yourself

Part III

The Middle


I have always felt things so strongly that I had to find a release or it would become destructive… I found a release and almost self-destructed anyway

Poems and Short Stories

Not acknowledging something does not mean that it doesn’t exist. 

Freedom From the Body, Enslaved by the Mind (The myth of feelings and the illusion of necessity)

The times I thought I was the freest I was the most imprisoned

If I had to go back and relive all of the pain and suffering I would, as long as I knew that you would be there at the end.

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